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Gulf Coast Lakes and Wetlands - Serving These Florida Counties; PASCO, HILLSBOROUGH, PINELLAS, MANATEE, SARASOTA, POLK
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Gulf Coast Lakes & Wetlands Environmental Permit Compliance

While some may see environmental permits as a hassle; permits serve the distinctive and important purpose of protecting Florida’s natural beauty, natural resources and coastlines.  As a major attractor of tourists, residents, and animal life it is in every Floridian’s best interest to ensure that our natural resources are protected and permit conditions are followed properly.  Whether dealing with an Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, Fish & Wildlife, water management district, local, or municipal permit, Gulf Coast Lakes & Wetlands can help you file for, decipher, and/or maintain compliance with said permit’s requirements for perpetuity.  
Permit Compliance Issues that Gulf Coast Lakes & Wetlands commonly solves include:

    • Buffer line re-establishment
    • Boundary sign installation
    • Exotic vegetation removal
    • Replanting to achieve required coverage
    • Aquatic plant management
    • Dredge & Fill permitting
    • Aquatic Plant management
    • Encroachment resolution
    • Grass carp permitting
    • Monitoring Report submission © 2008

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