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Gulf Coast Lakes and Wetlands - Serving These Florida Counties; PASCO, HILLSBOROUGH, PINELLAS, MANATEE, SARASOTA, POLK
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Gulf Coast Lakes & Wetlands offers Erosion Control services, Canal Bank Erosion Restoration and Lake management specializing in lake, pond and canal erosion restoration in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg

Gulf Coast aquatic weed control, lake weed control, pond weed killer, pond weeds, lake weeds, aquatic weeds, pond weeds, aeration system, erosion control Gulf Coast aquatic weed control, lake weed control, pond weed killer, pond weeds, lake weeds, aquatic weeds, pond weeds, aeration system, pond fountain

Gulf Coast Lake Erosion Control Services Canal Bank Erosion Restoration.

Gulf Coast Lakes and Wetlands is proud to offer Shoreline erosion services. Erosion Control is a serious issue in Florida, and needs continued monitoring and control measures to stop the erosion process from growing worse due to sediment buildup and lake shoreline erosion compounded by hurricanes and heavy rain. Erosion control and repair can be resolved by installation of our erosion control system. Shoreline stability is easily achieved by our professional erosion control service team throughout South Florida.


  • Regain & Beautify Shoreline
  • Repair & Control Erosion
  • Remove Silt and Sludge
  • Add Value to Your Real Estate

Our trained Aquatic Biologists have over 50 years of experience in both public and private sectors, in big and small lakes, and in advanced freshwater fish management.

In addition to lake and fish management, Palm Beach Aquatics Lakes and Wetlands carries a full line of Aqua Control fountains and aerators to keep your lake in regulated circulation. The lake management services that we offer include:

  1. Lake Assessment
  2. Border grass & Bank weed Control
  3. Algae Control
  4. Submersed Weed Control
  5. Litter Pick up
  6. Water Analyses
  7. Fish Stocking
  8. Permit Procurement
  9. Fish Habitat & Barrier Installation
  10. Fountain & Aerator Installation
  11. Bank Stabilization


Gulf Coast Lakes and Wetlands tries to employ natural and environmentally friendly methods of weed control during our lake management services.  As such, we are a proactive rather than a reactive company.  Our goal is to help retain homeostasis in your waterway so that it stays beautiful and healthy and so ecologically and financially expensive restoration projects are prevented.

Our preferred methods of aquatic plant management include:

Control Methods:

Natural enzymes that work in conjunction with bacteria and aeration to reduce sludge, improve water clarity, and impede algae growth.

EPA Approved Aquatic Herbicides: Copper Sulfate, Endothall, Diquat, Fluridone, Glyphosate, 2,4-D, Imazapyr, Tricopyr,
Fish: Triploid Grass Carp, Tilapia
Note – A permit is necessary to stock grass carp in Florida.  Additionally, fish barriers may need to be created and installed as part of said permitting process.

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